Ecce 10 ~ Departure ~
The Cornelii leave for Rome.


Latin Word English meaning
interea meanwhile
ancilla slave-woman
habere to have, hold
iubere to order
cista trunk, chest
ponere to place
genere solent (they) are accustomed to wear, usually wear
ipse himself
curare to look after, attend to
stare to stand
via road
portare to carry
baculum a stick
scelestus wicked
cras tomorrow
incitare to urge on
raeda carriage
servus quidam a certain slave
iacere to throw
paratus ready
raedarius coachman
equus horse
eo ipso tempore at that very moment


1st 2nd 3rd 4th
o eo o io
as es is is
at et it it
amus emus imus imus
atis etis itis itis
ant ent unt iunt