Two Stops From Insanity
All lyrics written by Laura Speidell.

What? She made a CD?

        Here's the deal, I've often tampered with the idea of writing songs, at least writing lyrics. I'm not musical inclined enough to write notes to go along with the following lyrics. Maybe one day I will be, but as of right now it's an "ongoing process" that will not be completed until much later. I'm actually hoping to write a 12-Track CD, even if it's just lyrics for the first year. One day I will get around to taking that old keyboard out of the corner and testing out some melodies to go along with these words.
        How'd this come about you ask? Well I was talking to a friend who had recently gotten a guitar for Christmas, and he not so subtly pointed out that poems are songs without musical attachments after I told him I just wrote poetry, not songs, but I had always wanted to write some songs. I told him how if I used my poems as lyrics all of my band's songs would be rock ballads about the pains I've felt in life. He cleverly came up with the name of "my band" (yeah a fictional band), FRB. What does that stand for? I'll never tell. ;0)
        Of course the band is fictional and of course I'll never really release a CD but it's fun to think about. I'm going to make this my project for the year Y2K-2, writing songs (lyrics first, notes much, much later) and posting them here. Let's go along with this and call the band, FRB, courtesy of my friend, and the CD is called Two Stops From Insanity. I thought of that name for a CD many, many moons ago. Doesn't it sound like an awesome name for a CD? After reading the song lyrics you'll see how much the title does indeed fit the subject matter of "FRB".

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4