My "Critic"
January 19, 2001

Before posting my stories I run them by one person: my "critic". I know if she laughs in the right spots, cries in the right spots and begs for more of the story I have succeded. I read her parts I have written of "My Father, Taylor Hanson" Book 5 last night. She laughed. She cried. She fell... it was great.

I have another group of people who I corner into hearing my stories, some of which have never been posted or read aloud before. Sometimes one of them calls and has to sit through me reading a whole book to them! They are my "criticS" {note the "s" hehe}.
Taynx Colleen, Samantha, Nicole, Erica, Christina, and Kristy! Click here to visit our *OFFICIAL* CPWgurlz site created by the magnificant webmisstress Sammy! The CPWgurlz are: Christina, Erica, Kristy, Laura {me}, Nicole, and Samantha.

People I wish to thank personally:

Hanson. For giving me personalities (be them private or public) to mold into characters (created in my own mind based on the "real"). And for being the inspiration and devotion to keep with something and never give up, no matter how far away or distant it is.

Siobhan. You've always been there no matter what. Remember: in the state of CT you are a member of the Speidell family.

Colleen. I could never know where to begin. We've been friends for twelve years... Man! Time files when you are having fun! I miss you so much when you're not here.

Elisa. Without you there would be no "Obadiah" or Rollycoasters.

Dominiqua, Moniqua, and Tatyana. I wrote a small poem for you:
Sometimes there's distance
between our location
or in our minds.
We don't always agree.
We don't always fight
But one thing I know is the truth:
Somehow we make it through
No matter what.
Sometimes it appears
That I'm not listening.
I'm sorry.
I am.
I could never not care about you.
You are my friends
And nothing will ever change that,
Or break us apart,
Not even farm animals.
Hehe... you like? I hope so. It was random and didn't come out right, but I hope you guys get the point that I was trying to write. We've been together through thick and thin and no matter what you will always been in my mind, and in my heart.


Nicole. Make room for Intensity.




And of course... last but not least... my "critic". My sister, Liz.