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The "My Father, Taylor Hanson" Books
Written by Laura Speidell.

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Book 2

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Book 7

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Read the Disclaimers on the stories - I rated this series a PG-13 for some themes and language.

Kind of goes along with the "Brothers Till The End Of Time" series (Click here to go to the series, it will open in a new window). This new series was originally meant to be "Brothers Till The End Of Time" Part something-or-other but it evolved into a series of it's own, and I love it. I don't want to compress it into a Part who-knows-what of BTTEOT because I think it's great. It continues from "Brothers Till The End Of Time" Part ? (LoL) and you don't have to read that to understand the characters but there are some themes carried over from all of the BTTEOT chapters. Also, random note: BTTEOT Part 1 starts with the birth of Zachary, BTTEOT Part ? shows a dramatic change, and this "part" (which turned into this series) shows an even more dramatic change. Once again, you can catch the drift of the characters without reading BTTEOT but if you have time read the chapters from that story. I still have more "Daddy-Taylor" books to post and I am writing more books in this series all the time. I hope you like them!

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