Written by Laura Speidell.

Itís happening all around
But no one sees.
Especially not the pain
That itís causing me.
You tell me Iím wrong.
You tell me Iím right.
Howís a person supposed to know
Which is the truth?
The sounds come from all over.
Everyone likes it.
How come Iím the only one
Who knows that itís horrible?
Am I wrong?
Am I right?
The warbly vocals,
The cheesy lyrics,
And the best part of all:
The dance styles which are all mimicked.
Is this good?
Is this quality?
I think sometimes,
How can somebody actually like this?
How can you find hope in the noise that I hear?
Is it noise
To only me?
Is it music
To everyone else?
How come, I think to myself,
Did everyone turn against me?
The shallow vocals,
The flat notes,
The synthesized music.
How is it I who sees through it?
You attack me for no reason,
Bringing up my favorite band.
Stating that I hate this flatness noise
Because Iím a fan
Of someone else.
Why do you do that?
Why do you bother
Bringing up something that isnít even the subject?
I can like music
That has a beat.
I can like music
Thatís not bought from a company.
I can like notes
That are sung with support.
I can like words
That come from the heart.
Am I wrong?
Am I right?
I just donít see what others see
In the music thatís bought from the company.
Is it just me?
Am I wrong?
Am I right?
Or do I just not see
The talent between the lines?

Please do NOT take offense to this
if you are a huge boy-band fan.
I respect your thoughts and feelings,
please respect mine.
This is how I feel.
And remember: this is my page anyway, LoL.