Written by Laura Speidell.

Itís whatís not given.
Itís whatís not received.
You put all your love,
All your time,
All your heart,
All your lives,
Into one thing that was not received.
Do you regret it?
Do you thank the ones who do care?
Do you think about us?
The ones who received your heart
And kept it.
Kept it in the same condition
In which you put it out.
The time it took,
The work you endeavored,
All went to waste
In the minds of millions
Who didnít even think of you once in the past years.
Is this pain forgiven by those,
Like me,
Who think of you ever hour of the day?
Is this pain overcome
By the ones,
Like me,
Who took in your heart,
Who cared about your health,
Who knew when it was time for a break,
Who loved you all the same?
We give you what those others do not.
We know you as people.
We give you the one thing you deserve in life.
Not money.
Not fans.
Not letters.