Written by Laura Speidell.

Itís disheartening
When no one believes.
Itís annoying
When no one cares.
Doubted all the time.
Never listened to.
Hiding stories.
Hiding feelings.
Hiding everything
That matters
To me.
From the people
Who see me every day,
Just because I know they
Donít believe
A word I say.
It hurts to not be believed.
It hurts to have to hide everything.
This is my life,
What I am living now.
This is my life,
What I am doing now.
Take it...
Or leave it.
I canít say that.
I have to keep hiding
Everything that matters
To me.
I stopped telling you things
And you got mad at me.
I told you things
And you didnít believe.
You didnít have to tell me
That you didnít believe.
I saw it in your eyes.
I saw it in your expressions.
I saw it in your words.
Iím not blind.
I can sense when you donít care,
When you donít believe.
So I just stopped.
I hated to hear words like:
ďHe never said that to youĒ,
ďHe meant something else-
Someone else-
When he said that.Ē
ďHe never did that.Ē
Thatís right,
Because I wasnít there.
You were.
I wasnít.
I wasnít talking to him when he said it.
I wasnít laughing when he made the joke.
I didnít witness the laughter
That he and I shared.
Because you were there,
And I wasnít.
How could he actually know me?
How could I believe in what I know to be true?
How can I be so naive to actually believe my own eyes?
My own ears?
My own experiences?
Because you were there,
And I wasnít.