Written by Laura Speidell.

Sometimes it scares me to be a fan.
To see the look on your faces
As the people run closer,
As your lives are invaded.
You chose this,
I know.
So did I.
But when I see you scared
It hurts me.
In your eyes,
The terror
And, most of the time,
I've been in the thick of things,
Watched you been pushed,
Watched your face as you lost your balance.
I was there,
Pressed between a wall
And you.
I was scared,
Both for me and for you.
I am scared-
Only for you.
I've watched your car be attacked.
I've watched your face grow from excited to nervous.
I've seen you run your hands through your hair and swallow hard-
Scared of what might occur.
I see it from the outside.
I hear the stories
And the talk that you don't know about-
Or I thought you didn't.
I've seen many things-
I'm scared for you.
I've heard much more-
I'm terrified for you.
Sometimes it scares me to be a fan.

- 02.01.01 @11:17 PM EST.