Written by Laura Speidell.

Just when the pain was gone
it strikes again with full force.
Time will never end it,
new love will never fade it,
till the end of time your face will be on my mind.
Go away,
go away I say,
but you won't.
you can't.
Etched in my mind forever
is the memory of last summer.
Nothing was certain,
nothing was wrong,
there were forces between us that we couldn't control.
A memory of you I want to keep forever.
A memory of you I want to clear forever.
A memory of you that will not listen to what I say.
I love you.
I really love you.
My heart won't allow me to love another.
Forever you will be on my mind.
Forever your face will appear when I don't need it to or even want it to.
Forever I will remember how I can't hold you.
Forever I will know how much you mean to me.
Forever I will hold you in my heart while you have forgotten me.

- 10.12.02 @3:24 AM EST.