Written by Laura Speidell.

Looking into your eyes
I can see your mind.
A deep thought behind it all,
A center of passion I never thought I'd know.
You came in without my knowing,
Slipped in between the lines,
At a time when it all was gone.
Or so I thought.
All the time I never knew
The joy I'd find in you.
When all was lost,
I was found.
All thanks to the miracle that is you.
Someone who sweeps me into his arms
And really cares.
Someone who speaks the words
And really means them.
Someone who makes my life
The way it is supposed to be.
Time passes quicker these days,
A time of laughs,
A time of joy...
A time of love:
A gift I will never exchange.

- 11.23.02 @3:57 AM EST.