"The Changing You"
Written by Laura Speidell.

I say I miss you
But do I really?
Yes I do.
I miss what you were
Not what you came to be.
I miss the laughter.
The memories.
The individuality.
Now all you are
Are stories.
Tales of what you used to be.
You're lies.
You're fun.
You're there.
Just like me.
I miss you.
The real you.
The you you used to be.
The stories are painful.
The lies hurt.
The memories stand in time.
But that's all they are --
Tales of what used to be.
I miss you.
I really do.
But at the same time
I think:
Which do I miss more
Or the you you used to be?

This does NOT in any way mean I am not a Hanson fan!!!
I was in a mood.
As you can tell from other poems
I switch from the "I believe in myself" mood
to an "I am a nobody" mood, just like everyone else.