"The Spotlight"
Written by Laura Speidell.

Ignore me.
It's all right
They do it anyway.
Another face in the crowd.
Standing out only once or twice a day.
They focus on the bad,
Never the good.
The faults shine throught.
Left unspeaking so not to utter a word of stupidity.
You might think it's self-centeredness
To care about not being the center of attention,
But what about when the spotlight is rightfully mine?
Talking and getting talked over.
Standing and getting pushed aside.
Wondering when it will stop.
Where it will end.
When will I be a person again?
The spotlight never lasts long on me.
You may call it jealousy.
You may call it egotistical.
So be it.
When you're off your pedalistal you will see,
What it is like to be on a dark stage,
Where in fact there should be light.
You will see that other people exist out there,
Including me.