"My Father, Taylor Hanson": Book 3
Chapter 7

        “Zoë would love this!” I exclaimed grabbing a small stuffed dog off the self.
        “Taylor, Taylor, Taylor,” my younger brother said placing his hand on my shoulder. He was shaking his head. “I thought we agreed, no talk of our children on this trip.”
        “Dude, you don’t have any children,” I reminded him. I took the dog up to the cashier. “Besides, I never agreed to that.”
        “Suit yourself,” Zac said holding up his hands in defeat. “Did Isaac tell you what we are doing tonight?”
        “No,” I said getting my change from the cashier. I thanked her and left the store with Zac talking up a storm in my ear.
        “We’re going to a dancing show...”
        “Really?” I asked stopping at the curb to wait for Isaac to come back from the bathroom.
        “Yeah,” Zac said with a nod. “It supposed to be a great show.”
        “Is it now?” I asked totally not paying attention to what he was hinting to me.
        “Bring extra cash,” he said.
        “Wait a second.” It hit me. I made a face. “A ‘dancing’ show?” Zac smiled mischievously and nodded. I made a face. “Man, I don’t know about that...”
        “Aw come on Taylor!” Zac begged. “In a few weeks I’m going to be tied down. Don’t get me wrong, I mean I love the girl but I need to have some fun, you know? Get some of this bachelor stuff out of my system before I commit myself to one girl for the rest of my life. Come on, you can’t tell me that you and Ike didn’t go to a strip club a few weeks before your wedding.”
        “As a matter of fact we, uh,” I started to stutter and I knew I was caught. Zac narrowed his eyes and nodded at me, rolling his eyes knowingly. “But I didn’t enjoy it!” I protested. “I kept thinking about Clare the whole time! I felt like crap afterwards. Zac, I can’t even stand to look at another women, nevertheless look at a naked one, without feeling like I betrayed her!”
        “Taylor, did you tell her that you went to a strip joint?” Zac accused.
        “None of your business,” I said wanting very much to change the subject.
        “You did didn’t you?!?” Zac started laughing. I blushed. “Taylor... I cannot believe you told. Maybe we SHOULD leave you at the hotel tonight!”
        “I didn’t say that!” I hissed.
        “Ike did!”
        “Ew!” I exclaimed. “That’s rude.”
        “It’s true though. You are going to go and tell Clare if you go.”
        “I will not!” I insisted. Isaac walked up behind me.
        “Will not what?” He asked in a confused voice. “What are we talking about?”
        “Come on,” I instructed, grabbing both my brothers by the arms. “We’re going to see a great show tonight, I need to stop at an ATM machine.”

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