"My Father, Taylor Hanson": Book 4
Chapter 21

        "Ready girls?" I asked my daughter and her cousin. I glanced behind them and saw the bride's maids and ushers pairing up. Jason and Jordan were standing behind the girls, holding a pillow with the wedding ring on it. I looked further and saw Nicole standing with her father. Nicole's mother and brother were arm and arm in front of them and my mother and father were linked arms in front of them.
        "Yes, Daddy," ZoŽ said zapping me back into reality.
        I smiled. "I love you both. Good luck."
        My older brother brought the white carpet over and the two of us spread it out down the aisle signaling the girls to start their walk. Ike and I stood next to Zac watching our daughters walk towards us.
        "They're beautiful," Isaac whispered to me.
        "I know," I responded. I smiled at my daughter when we made eye contact. She was tossing the flower petals onto the ground, her ocean blue eyes sparkling with happiness. I knew she felt on top of the world and she had a right to feel that way. As the two cousins reached their Uncle Zac he kissed each of their cheeks lightly and then they headed towards my wife in the front so they could sit down with her just as rehearsed.
        Next were Isaac's two boys with the ring. They stood next to their father at the far left side of the altar. The ushers came down the aisle with each of the bride's maids on their arms. I nodded at Andy, she grinned and took her place which would soon be next to Nicole. My parents came down followed by Nicole's mother and brother. The music changed and everyone stood.
        I looked over at Zac as his fiancťe made her way towards the alter on her father's arm. My younger brother was red in the cheeks and he shifted from one foot to another. I never saw him more nervous in my entire life. He was more nervous then he was the time we had to play a song in front of Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, and many more important people of that nature. He swallowed hard and I could practically see the excitement bursting out of him as Nicole got closer to us. He took a side glance at Isaac and I. I winked and smile reassuringly. His eyes lit up even more when Nicole's father lifted the girl's veil and placed her hand on Zachary's. The man patted my brother's arm and went to sit with his wife.
        Zac and Nicole turned to the priest and we did the same. I stole a quick glance at my own family who was sitting in the second row of pews on my right, stage right, the congregation's left. My own wife was holding our wide-awake baby in her arms and smiling brightly. Next to her was ZoŽ and Amanda, each looking thrilled and on top of the world for doing their job right. I turned my attention back towards the priest, remembering what it was like to be standing in the exact place that Zac was standing in, Clare by my side, not knowing what the future was going to bring. I didn't know then about the miracles we would create.

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